How can we prevent school violence?

The problem of school violence is a constant concern of contemporary European politics, officially becoming an issue on the agenda of educational policy in 1997, following a conference of experts organized by the European Commission in Utrecht, on the “right to security” in relation to the school. An analysis of international issues of school violence demonstrates that this phenomenon has dimensions and different manifestations of the education system to another. Discussions and analyzes of school violence occurred lately in most European educational systems. Programs and actions in this context concerns are centered on the general policy on security of children and youth, or the package of concrete measures that relate directly to school violence.

In the educational policy of Romania, the issue of violence as a subject of systematic research has emerged recently. According to the study school violence conducted by the Institute of Education Sciences, the phenomenon of school violence is still a difficult subject to tackle for some actors school. Study indicate the need for familiarity, awareness and skills teachers instrumentation enabling informed and appropriate approach to the phenomena of violence in school. According to the same research, schools rarely develop coherent anti-violence programs, based on knowledge of the problems faced. Even where there are actions for prevention and intervention, often they do not count on effective involvement of those affected are among the least publicized priority should know them (perpetrators, victims, potentially aggressive pupils, parents). In many cases, school violence is defined as an institutional problem. In many cases there is no real cooperation at school level (between students, teachers, parents, school board) or inter-institutional level, defining situations of violence and to develop strategies for prevention and intervention, monitor and assess their impact. In the period 2004-2007 were developed other studies and analyzes of school violence. The conclusions of all these studies have highlighted the breadth and diversity of forms of violence in schools and proposed recommendations and action for prevention. On this basis, the Ministry of Education and Research has developed strategy on curbing violence in schools education (OMECT no. 1409/2007). The strategy sets out principles and general recommendations on preventing and combating violence in schools, the roles and functions of institutions in the educational system framework and institutional structures created in this new field of action, and an operational plan for intervention at school level. Also in spring 2012, was established the National Council for the Prevention and Combating Violence in School, the body with the role of national anti-violence observatory that will monitor and evaluate the application at national level of the national strategy to combat violence in schools.