Proposed measures to prevent juvenile delinquency

Proposed measures to prevent juvenile delinquency
– Penalties for people who induce minors to commit crimes;
– Sanctioning more severe for persons facilitating the consume of alcoholic beverages of underage persons;
– Penalties for people who do not fulfill their parental obligations and termination of parental rights .
In terms of increasing preventive role of specialized state bodies :
– Increasing requirement for young people who commit serious violent crimes or repeatedly violated the criminal law will be available non-custodial sentences or parole only when there are sufficient guarantees that their social recovery can be performed outside a closed system;
Diversification of forms and means of popularizing and knowledge of legislation

Measures to increase the role of formative – Education of school:
– Developing and teaching in schools the capacity of building process of learning, skills and creative power of students ;
– The introduction of civic education , religious , sexual and forming a conception of life. The introduction in the curriculum of these courses and raising them to the level of discipline ;
– Provide educational personnel in social and psycho -pedagogical practice setting ;
– Providing professional training by expanding knowledge of pedagogy and social psychology , sociology and deeper knowledge of the mechanism of individual deviation .