The main tools for preventing juvenile delinquency at school

a. Internal order procedure:

Rules of procedure which establishes legal norms is mandatory to be accepted by both the teachers and the parents and students. Parents directly and explicitly assumes that regulation, by signing the commitment to the school at the beginning of each school year. By the rules of procedure, the school shall have the following duties and rights:

The school is the one that ensures the development, establishment and updating security policies in schools in accordance with the methodology prescribed by the law on working conditions. School is ensuring that the activities related to it.
• The school will appoint a representative from the teaching staff who will act as contact person for the conclusion of agreements with key partners in the school (police, gendarmerie, local administration, etc..). Contact the school, in cooperation with other faculty members and external partners will organize joint teams of teachers and / or students who will contribute actively to maintain school safety and school climate optimum.