The activity of the Local Consultative Group up to data

The project “Youth Essentials” is run by Bethany Social Services Foundation in partnership with Timis County Police Inspectorate and Citizens Association “Duga” Ada, Serbia and runs from 13 October to 2012-12 April 2014. The project focuses on the exchange and transfer of information between the two partner countries Romania and Serbia on the phenomenon of juvenile delinquency in eligible areas.

The project operates local advisory group that aims to increase the impact of the activities of NGOs and local communities and institutions to help them develop a comprehensive and unified view on the actions to be taken to reduce juvenile delinquency and initiate young people’s activities, opportunities for social entrepreneurship and local activism.

Local advisory group activity began in April 2013 after setting team members and representatives of local public institutions of non-guvernementale in the county Timis.

Advisory group includes five NGOs and six public institutions that have signed the Convention and collaboration as follows:
1. County Youth and Sport Timis
2. General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection Timis
3. Save the Children Romania
4. County Agency for Employment Timis
5. Organization for the Defense of Human Rights in Romania
6. Reeducation Center Buzias
7. Society for Parents and Children Timisoara
8. Association for the Promotion of Women in Romania
9. Romanian Association Aids
10. Timis County Council

At each monthly meeting of the local advisory group were established themes that were discussed and debated, contributing to the ultimate objective of development strategy on juvenile delinquency prevention.
Among the topics discussed:
– Limit of delinquency and deviance
– Submission Guidelines current strategies in the delinquency
– Models of strategies and actors involved
– Measures, methods and techniques to prevent and reduce juvenile delinquency
– Prevention and control of juvenile delinquency

The information gleaned from local advisory group meetings are as follows and will be in the development of juvenile delinquency prevention strategy:
– Institutions that are directly involved in the prevention of juvenile delinquency and the role, duties and responsibilities increase individual institutions but efficient collaboration between institutions (Police Inspectorate School, DGASPC, public administration, non-governmental organizations , probation, prison system, civil society, etc.).
– The role of the family in preventing juvenile delinquency
– Legislation in force
– Methods and techniques in order to reduce juvenile delinquency, etc.

Local advisory group members until now, have developed a model of strategy and guidelines defined strategy.
Monthly meetings of the local advisory group will take place in the future and by the end of the project “Youth Essentials” in April, the goal will be attained advisory group development strategy of juvenile delinquency prevention.