Children home alone

Over 82,000 children had in the first three months of 2013 at least one parent working abroad, the number is higher than the end of 2012, resulting in data from the Child Protection Department of the Ministry of Labour.

According to the end of the first quarter of this year, 58 902 families had at least one member working abroad, and 16 305 of them, both parents were out of the country. The numbers are up from the end of 2012, when there were 57 304 families that had at least one member working abroad and 15 889 with both parents. The number of children who were left without one or both parents, from 79 901 in 2012-82073 for the period January to March 2013 is increasing.
Of the total number of children whose parents left to work abroad, 23 312 were left without either parent. Of these, 22 101 minors are left behind in the care of relatives to the fourth degree, without any protective measures established and 1,058 entered the social protection system. Of the children in care, 189 are in foster care, 245 in orphanages, 532 relatives up to the fourth degree, 92 other families or individuals, and 153 in other situations without protective measures.
Number of families where one parent is left to work abroad reached 34 665 and the number of children from these families is 48.386, the special protection system are 1,544 of them. Of these, 227 are in foster care, 385 are in orphanages, 892 relatives to the fourth degree, 103 other individuals and 972 families or in other situations (neighbors, other families or individuals without protective measure).

In 7,932 cases is about single parent families supporter went to work abroad. Total number of children left behind from such families is 10,375, of which 9,017 are in the care of relatives to the fourth degree, without any protective measures established.