Report about the two workshops in Serbia

Bethany Social Services Foundation in collaboration with Timis County Police Inspectorate and Citizens Association in the town of Duga Ada, Serbia organized between 18.11.2013 – 24.11.2013 the two workshops between specialists operating in the border area Romania / Republic of Serbia in the prevention of juvenile delinquency phenomenon. The event was hosted by The Sport Complex from Ada and was organized within the project Youth Essentials implemented under IPA CBC Programme Romania – Serbia. The total value of the project is 256.520 Euro of which the grant from the European Union through the IPA CBC program Romania – Republic of Serbia is 218.042 Euro , co Romanian state is 23.080 Euro 3550.80 Euro contribution Bethany Social Services Foundation and 11 847 Euro contribution citizens Association ” Duga ” Ada , Serbia. The project aims at improving the quality of life Timis county and district Severno – Banatski by increasing the capacity of local public and private institutions to identify the specific needs of residents and their appropriate solutions ( especially young people ) . The specific objectives are: ensuring a best practice and promotion of pilot actions is to enhance the opportunities for young people, in order to prevent and reduce crime among them through employment opportunities , education and integrated services local level capacity building of local government institutions and NGOs in identifying and addressing services for the local population in order to promote and improve the social and professional inclusion of young people (especially young people at risk) , create a context of professional development of specialists from both sides of the Romanian-Serbian border exchanges and joint activities ( workshops, seminars ) in order to improve their skills in working with vulnerable persons ( young people at risk ) through integrated services locally. The direct beneficiaries of the project are: 30 experts participated in developing a strategy for social cohesion and inclusion , 46 beneficiaries participated in two joint camps in Romania and Serbia , where they had the opportunity to exchange information on the specifics of their countries the phenomenon of juvenile delinquency , 46 specialists participated in exchanges between Romania and Serbia , that was a transfer of best practices with regard to the phenomenon of preventing and reducing criminal behavior among young people and to identify commonalities in approach to prevention phenomenon. Project activities are organizing the project team in each country to organize a press conference to launch the project in each country , the preparation and implementation of public procurement , development and publication of web page design , selection of beneficiaries , organizing the 2 modules exchange between County Police Inspectorate and other relevant public services , development , publication and dissemination of best practice guide resulting from the exchange of experience . Education institutions under Timis County School Inspectorate that are involved in project activities Youth Essentials are: High School Buziaş High School ” Ion Jebelean ” Sânnicolau Mare, Technology “St. Nicholas” Deta , Economic College ” FS Nitti ” Timisoara, Timisoara Auto Transport Technology High School , Forest College ” Green House ” Timisoara, Timisoara West Technical College , National College” C. Brediceanu ” Lugoj, National College” Yulia Haşdeu ” Lugoj Technical College ” V. Branişte ” Lugoj . It related information about the advisory group will be created in the project. Organizations that are part of the advisory group are: The Timis County Youth and Sports General Directorate for Social Assistance and Child Protection Timis , Save the Children , the County Agency for Employment Timis Romanian Federation of Karate and Martial Arts Organization Human Rights in Romania Buzias rehab center , AIMS , the Association for the Promotion of Women in Romania , the Romanian Aids , Timis County Council. The results that were achieved by the end of the project : 2 modules exchange between police departments and other public services relevant four joint workshops on promoting opportunities for young people , 4 school information and counseling centers for young open schools in Serbia – 12 volunteers involved , 10 info centers developed in schools in Timis County – 30 volunteers involved, one in Romania and one camp organized camp organized in Serbia – 46 recipients , 2 local campaigns to disseminate information on the info- center activity , 2 local advisory groups established to promote integrated services employment policies , education, consisting of 10 members , 12 monthly meetings in Romania and Serbia , a strategy common border ; 46 beneficiaries ( the Police and other representatives of relevant public institutions ) involved in the exchanges , 16 recipients ( NGOs representatives and representatives of public institutions ) involved in common work -shops , 16 members of local advisory groups involved in the development border joint strategy on social cohesion and social inclusion. The project has a positive influence on sustainable development by increasing community understanding of sustainability and influencing citizens of lasting positive behaviors support the educational and informative sessions that help develop responsible behavior among vulnerable people. Also, by promoting mutual understanding , diversity and a general climate of acceptance , it contributes to a more receptive and tolerant behavior as a basis for improving the quality of life and ensure sustainable development in the community .




The purpose of these workshops is to increase the impact of institutions and NGOs in the region and help them to develop a comprehensive and unified view of the measures to be taken.

On November 18, at 11.30 was the registration of participants. At 13.30 lunch was served to all the participants who attended the event. In the last part of the day a welcome word from the organizers was spoken and then the participants heard about all the activities that were to take place during the event.



The second day the program started at 9.00 with registration of participants. This was followed by the presentation of a case study of Social Service of the locality Ada. This case study has generated interest from those present, noting the different and similar aspects in Serbian legislation – Romanian but common solutions to the problem presented.



The day continued with visits to these institutions in Ada: Ada Hall, Department of Social Work and Citizens Association “Duga”. In the last part of the day were drawn conclusions and proposals on the case study, and at the final was held a question and answer session.
At November 20 was held a visit at Elementary School “Novak Radonic” and Toy library and at the day care center in Mol. At the end of the day were drawn conclusions and evaluation of the first workshop day.





On November 21 began the second part of the workshop. It started with registering new participants arrived from Romania and their communication activities that were to take place in the coming days.


On November 22 were held visits at Kindergarten Ada High School in Ada and Ada Technology. In the last part of the day was presented and discussed a case study workshop specific issue.






In November 23 participants visited Museum of Kikinda and Terra – Collony of Art, after they went to the police station where they discussed about the police station responsabilities. Participants were asked questions regarding the educational system in Serbia.


In the last day of the workshops, it were drawn conclusions of the workshops.