The second experience exchange in Romania

Bethany Social Services Foundation in collaboration with Timis County Police Inspectorate and Citizens Association in the town of Duga Ada, Serbia organized between 09.03.2013 – 06.09.2013 the second xperience exchange between specialists operating in the border area Romania / Republic of Serbia in the prevention of juvenile delinquency phenomenon. The event was hosted by Hotel Ferdinand Baile erculane and was organized within the project Youth Essentials implemented under IPA CBC Programme Romania – Serbia. The purpose of this exchange was to facilitate communication between specialists within police departments and public services relevant to the prevention of juvenile crime in Romania and Serbia and Serbian partners to share experiences on information centers and counseling established and developed in high schools in Timis County. The program started on 4 september with registration of participants . This was followed by presentation of the project ” Youth Essentials ” supported by the project manager – Simon Daniela . The total value of the project is 256.520 Euro of which the grant from the European Union through the IPA CBC program Romania – Republic of Serbia is 218.042 Euro , co Romanian state is 23.080 Euro 3550.80 Euro contribution Bethany Social Services Foundation and 11 847 Euro contribution citizens Association ” Duga ” Ada , Serbia. The project aims at improving the quality of life Timis county and district Severno – Banatski by increasing the capacity of local public and private institutions to identify the specific needs of residents and their appropriate solutions ( especially young people ) . The specific objectives are: ensuring a best practice and promotion of pilot actions is to enhance the opportunities for young people, in order to prevent and reduce crime among them through employment opportunities , education and integrated services local level capacity building of local government institutions and NGOs in identifying and addressing services for the local population in order to promote and improve the social and professional inclusion of young people (especially young people at risk) , create a context of professional development of specialists from both sides of the Romanian-Serbian border exchanges and joint activities ( workshops, seminars ) in order to improve their skills in working with vulnerable persons ( young people at risk ) through integrated services locally. The direct beneficiaries of the project are: 30 experts will participate in developing a strategy for social cohesion and inclusion , 46 beneficiaries who will participate in two joint camps in Romania and Serbia , where they have the opportunity to exchange information on the specifics of their countries the phenomenon of juvenile delinquency , 46 specialists will participate in exchanges between Romania and Serbia , which will be a transfer of best practices with regard to the phenomenon of preventing and reducing criminal behavior among young people and to identify commonalities in approach to prevention phenomenon. Project activities are organizing the project team in each country to organize a press conference to launch the project in each country , the preparation and implementation of public procurement , development and publication of web page design , selection of beneficiaries , organizing the 2 modules exchange between County Police Inspectorate and other relevant public services , development , publication and dissemination of best practice guide resulting from the exchange of experience .

The third day began at 9.30 am with registration of participants. Immediately after presentation followed child abduction alert mechanisms, presentation by Bianca Starparu guards from the Police Criminal Investigation Service Timisoara. In this presentation was presented the mechanism that underlies this project and was broadcast a film which was simulated kidnapping a child and how this mechanism works. This presentation raised many questions and curiosities. Ms. Janina Dima Csatlos , probation officer presented information about the Probation Service Tribunal Timis . Serbian partners have shown great interest in the mission of this institution in Serbia especially as such a service does not work . Further , Ms. Cristina Busuioc presented institution it represented – namely Timisoara Penitentiary . It was broadcast a video that presented life behind bars and services that benefit inmates there. Ms. Cristina Busuioc presented some projects that Timisoara Penitentiary has developed and within which students were involved . Serbian participants wanted to know more about those activities for which they asked questions . After lunch , Mrs. Sara Tataru has presented an institution he represented, namely , County Agency for Payments and Social Inspection Timis .Sara Tataru provided information about social benefits and budget allocations for children in Romania . The last presentation in this exchange experience was supported by the representative of Timis Prefecture , Ms. Monica Marie adviser in the Department of European Affairs , International Relations , Communications and Public Relations . She said it is open to participants Serbs learn more from their ideas for collaboration , so that these ideas be submitted superiors within Timis Prefecture . On the last day of the exchange of experience producing conclusions event. This project will also organize two exchanges, in the Republic of Serbia , during the duration of these events is between 09.19.2013 – 09.25.2013 .