Proposals for measures on juvenile delinquency prevention

– Tightening sanctions for persons who induce minors to commit crimes;
– More severe sanctioning for people who facilitate minors to liquor consume;
– More severe sanctioning for people who are not fulfilling their parental obligations and Fall of parental rights.
In terms of increasing preventive role of specialized state bodies:
– Increasing the exigency and firmness to the young people who commit serious violent crimes or who have repeatedly infringed the penal law and will be available non-custodial sentences or parole only when there are sufficient guarantees that their social recovery can be achieved outside a closed system;

- Diversification of forms and means of popularizing and knowledge of the laws in
some backgrounds predestined to delinquency;
Measures for increasing the role of formative – Education of school:
– Developing and teaching in schools of capacity development processes of learning, skills and creative force of pupils;
– Educating children with complex special reference to education, civic, religious, sexual and forming a conception of life. The introduction in the curriculum of such courses and raising them to the level of discipline binding;
– Driving behavior under social norms and values ​​by awarding annual sums or items to children who have shown moral conduct in the family and society;
– Providing educational institutions with specialized staff in social care and the establishment of psycho-pedagogical practices;
– Professional training and science teachers by broadening knowledge of pedagogy and social psychology, sociology of deviance in family and deeper knowledge of the mechanism for individual and mini-generating deviance among children and youth;

- Adopt legislation to restructure the education system and financial incentives for teachers, accompanied by a harsh sanction, disciplinary and contravention of those who do not perform their duties as educator;
– Organization at county, school inspectorates subordinated committees (offices) for Youth Affairs Research the type Research Center for Youth Affairs, which periodically poll the views of children and young people about their problems they face, to investigate these issues and perception and how social changes in the results obtained to warn the competent authorities to take action;
– Raising the number of schools of physiotherapy and organization with a specific structure of capacity 100-150 juveniles, thus eliminating overcrowding in currently existing in these schools, which leads to the impossibility of direct and strict supervision of children hospitalized;