First step

First step toward creating a strategy to combat juvenile delinquency Bethany Social Services Foundation, Police Inspectorate Timis County and Citizens Association “Duga” Ada, Serbia are implementing the “Youth Essentials”. The project runs from 13 October to 12 April 2014 and aims to exchange and transfer of information between the two partner countries Romania and Serbia on the phenomenon of juvenile delinquency. In order to design and develop a complex vision to reduce juvenile delinquency but also to develop a strategy for social cohesion and inclusion an advisory group was established in Romania, locally, comprised of representatives of NGOs and public institutions. For establishing the local advisory group in Romania there have contacted NGOs and local institutions by phone or by sending invitations to express consent to be part of the advisory group. After acceptance, there has signed cooperation agreements with representatives of NGOs and public institutions. Advisory group is composed from 5 NGOs and 6 public institutions that have signed the Convention and collaboration as follows:
1. County directorate of youth and sports Timis
2. DGASPC Timis
3. Save the Children
4. AJOFM Timis
5. The Romanian federation of Karate and Martial Arts
6. Organization for Defending Human Rights in Romania
7. Re-education Centre Buzias
10. Romanian Association Against AIDS
11. Timis County Council

Advisory Group is composed of 12 members who will attend monthly (1 meeting/month, 12 meetings per project), the debates meetings on preventing juvenile delinquency. Among the topics to be discussed there are included: causal factors favouring the offenders behaviour, the legislative proposals relating to offenses committed by juvenile delinquents and people who cause them to commit crimes, increasing preventive role of specialized state bodies, increasing the role of the family socializing, etc..