School Violence and Teachers

Teachers are in an interesting and often time sticky position when it comes to school violence. The position that they are in puts them at risk for much of the same abuse as children in our schools but it also has them in the role of protector for a good part of each […]

Techniques and tools in delinquent child welfare

Technical Working The main techniques used by social workers and psychologists in working with delinquents are:

1. Assessment and self-assessment

2. Interview

3. Counselling – direct, indirect and group.

4. Evaluation and self-evaluation

1. Assessment and self-assessment Evaluation is a formal assessment process and critical analysis of the problems specific to the needs and the […]

Mind issues that play a part in campus violence

What could be the causes for violence and killings in school?

There might be lot of reasons why there is violence in schools but the biggest or the most important factor is something to so with the psyche of the kids. The act of violence originates from the mind and not from the hand, which […]

Problems of school violence

Nowadays, it is very common to come across news like school violence in media or newspaper. However, what might be the reason for the same? Why is this school violence becoming so common to hear news about it daily? There are different reasons as such, that are accountable for school violence. In addition, it is […]

Conduct disorder a cause of delinquency

This is a psychiatric category marked by a pattern of repetitive behavior where the rights of others and social norms are violated. Symptoms include verbal and physical aggression, behavior characterized by cruelty to animals and humans, destructive behavior, lying, vandalism and theft.

Conduct disorder is a major public health problem because […]

Juvenile Delinquency

The term “juvenile delinquency” is not met on criminal law in our country or in another country legislation. It is a creation of the doctrine of penal and criminological and sociological theories in their attempts to group a number of offenses depending on age, considering that criminal acts rightly shows some particularities determined […]

Issues associated with school violence

Parents wish that child studies and grow properly. They wish to send him to a school that will offer him to right ambience to educate him. However, one fine day they see that their kid returns back from the school with a cut on his body. It is bleeding and the child […]

Causes of school violence

School violence is a terrible issue for schools these days. Children are getting violent and disturbing other children who are coming to schools, teachers and principals as well. Children are bringing weapons like knives and guns to school and are harming and even killing students, teachers and other people. But what is the […]

Improving Communication between Parents and Teenagers

Teenagers enter their adolescent years with a mixture of optimism, excitement and apprehension. Rightfully so! Adolescence is a time when boys and girls begin to establish greater independence from their parents. It is also a time when young people begin to develop the sense of personal individuality that will help define their future […]

Delinquency and school

Generally about children it is customary to speak warmly, appreciative, to eulogize innocence and beauty. But what you’re talking about kids who steal, run away, drop out of school or even beat their parents? Nobody thinks that a child is born bad, that what he is at any given time is the result of family […]