Biological and genetic characteristics of potentially violent student

According to recent studies in this area, children who have suffered various types of influences or trauma, or in the uterus or during birth, may have neurological features high potential for violence. Complications at birth, as the genetic history of the parents, are found to be predictors of later deviant behavior of an […]

Proposed measures to prevent juvenile delinquency

Proposed measures to prevent juvenile delinquency – Penalties for people who induce minors to commit crimes; – Sanctioning more severe for persons facilitating the consume of alcoholic beverages of underage persons; – Penalties for people who do not fulfill their parental obligations and termination of parental rights . In terms of increasing preventive […]

Student – teacher violence

Forms of violence by students against teachers vary from behavior inconsistent with school rules and student status severe forms of physical violence or falling under the law: lack of involvement and participation in school activities (school absenteeism, run classes, indiscipline in the classroom or recess, ignoring messages sent by teachers – ignoring the […]

Nine of 10 teenagers have witnessed bullying on social networks, study finds

10 girls ages 12 to 13 said they have experienced mostly unkind treatment on social networks, according to the report. Lenhart and other experts on social media said teenagers see themselves differently online than in the real world. Some assume a sort of “alter ego” on the Web, engaging in conversation with more […]

How can we prevent school violence?

The problem of school violence is a constant concern of contemporary European politics, officially becoming an issue on the agenda of educational policy in 1997, following a conference of experts organized by the European Commission in Utrecht, on the “right to security” in relation to the school. An analysis of international issues […]

The main tools for preventing juvenile delinquency at school

a. Internal order procedure:

Rules of procedure which establishes legal norms is mandatory to be accepted by both the teachers and the parents and students. Parents directly and explicitly assumes that regulation, by signing the commitment to the school at the beginning of each school year. By the rules of procedure, the school shall […]

Mediation can significantly reduce juvenile delinquency in schools

Professors from the Faculty of Law “Norman Adrian Wiggins” from Campbell University finances for many years a social project created in order to reduce juvenile delinquency in schools and colleges because they found that within these institutions spend a lot of drama and misunderstandings between students. They plan to expand the project in […]

Psychological consequences of children’s whose parents work abroad

A study from 2007 shows that 36% of children whose parents are working abroad feel alone and 20% believe that no one loves them. 30% of them are depressed.

Separation Anxiety and the impact on children

According to the Ministry of Labour in 2012, about 59 724 families, in […]

Children home alone

Over 82,000 children had in the first three months of 2013 at least one parent working abroad, the number is higher than the end of 2012, resulting in data from the Child Protection Department of the Ministry of Labour.

According to the end of the first quarter of this year, 58 […]


The police have a duty to create a safe and secure environment for all by reducing crime by preventing actions that could threaten the security of individuals and the community as a whole, through the investigation of crime and the prosecution of criminals. Police must contribute to the goals and objectives of child […]